Tramp Oil - Water Separators

  • Reduce Disposal Cost
  • Extended Tank Life
  • Simplified Operation for Continues or Intermittent operation
  • Portable for easy multiple tank service

The ADF Portable Tramp Oil Separator is designed to separate oils from oily water and coolant solutions. This allows extended life of fluid for use in parts washers and coolant tanks. This unit is designed to recirculate solutions back to their reservoir and is not intended to provide clean solutions to be sent to sewers.

The portable design allows to easily movement of the separator around the plant to share with multiple units.

As the solution moves through the tank, it passes through a coalescing chamber. The oil in the water or coolant attaches to the coalescing media and floats to the top. The unique feature of this system is that you can run the pump continuously or intermittently depending on your application.

PART #395030