Heavy Duty Drawer Washer

The Drawer Washer is a heavy duty washer for large parts or basket of parts. The standard turntable weight capacity is 3000 pounds and standard part height clearance is 36". The washer is designed for crane or fork lift loading as the turntable is mounted on a carriage and comes out of the wash chamber as the door opens. See the video to view the uniquely designed system.

MODELS 960-970: The standard models are manufactured with a 32" or 42" turntable diameter and part height clearances of 36". The standard pump performance is 18 TO 36 GPM at 700 PSI. This model is standard with a stainless steel cabinet and a dual filtration system. It is well suited to applications where cleanliness specifications come into play.

MODELS 980-990: These models are manufactured with standard turntable diameters of 32" and 42" and part height clearance of 36" with volumes from 200 TO 300 GPM. Pump sizes range from 10 HP to 15 HP. The application will determine the size of machine best suited to the application.