Model 750 Series

The new Model 750 Rotary Basket Parts Washer is designed to clean parts that are best suited to being tumbled, rotated, immersed, and sprayed for proper cleaning. It offers the cleaning system needed for parts with blind holes, internal holes, cavities, threads, and those small parts that tend to nest preventing total cleaning. The hydraulic action of the fluid entering and evacuating the cavities offers excellent cleaning and rinsing

The multi-stage version, which includes immersion and spray washing, Immersion and spray rinsing and optional blow off stages, is controlled with a PLC offering the user accurate, precise, process control for the specific part or family of parts being processed. It offers the ability to easily document process control for ISO and other quality control documentation.

Holding with the ADF tradition of letting the customer order the machine that best suits the application, options such as blow off, oil skimming, filtration, ultrasonic cleaning and others are also available. The customer can tailor the machine to their specific application and can invest only in the features they need.

The 750 is a two station washer with each station holding one - 15.7" X 9.6" X 4.5"H basket or two- 9.6" X 6.6" X 4.5"H standard Kadon baskets. This allows cleaning of up to four different parts at the same time.