ADF Front Load

Model 300 Front Load with 60" Diameter Turntable

ADF manufactures two different front load parts washers. While they have the same profile and exterior look, the major difference is the operating systems. One is a low volume/high pressure washer known as the 860 series. The other is a high volume/low pressure washer known as the 300 series. The information below details the difference. Both models are available as single stage washers or with multiple stages such as wash, rinse, and dry. In addition to standard size, ADF is noted for modifying or customizing a washer to the user's application.

MODEL 300: The Model 300 is manufactured in different turntable diameters and part height clearance which dictates the need for different pump sizes. Volumes range from 40 to 200 GPM and above and pressures from 40 PSI and up. Pump sizes range from 2 HP to 10 HP and above. The application will determine the size of machine best suited to the application.

MODEL 860: The standard models are manufactured with a 32" or 42" turntable diameter and part height clearances of 36" and 48". The standard pump performance is 10 HP producing 18 GPM at 700 PSI. This model is standard with a stainless steel cabinet and a dual filtration system. It is well suited to applications where cleanliness specifications come into play such as medical applications.